Ezura Laboratory


Fundamental Genetic Engineering and Molecular Breeding Technologies

Staff(s) Professor. Hiroshi EZURA
Associate Professor. Tohru ARIIZUMI
Assistant Professor. Mariko TAKAYAMA
Field of research Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Molecular Breeding, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Research topics Exploring Molecular Mechanism underlying Important Breeding Traits and Their Improvement by Molecular Breeding Technologies
Keywords tomato, melon, mutant, gene, genetic engineering, genome editing, breeding, tissue culture
URL http://tsukuba-olericulture.org/
TEL 029-853-7263
E-mail ezura.hiroshi.fa@u.tsuuba.ac.jp

Research introduction

  • 1) We are developing genetic resources and breeding tools (i.e. genome editing technology) that facilitate functional genomics of horticultural crops such as tomato and melon and investigating the molecular mechanism how their fruit development is regulated, particularly focusing on fruit set initiation and ripening process, with an aim to develop the novel varieties with improved agricultural traits such as stress tolerance, prolonged shelf-life and increased functional materials benefit for human health.
  • 2) We are also developing mass production system of “miraculin”, the taste modifying protein that is originated from miracle fruit in West African countries. Miraculin itself is not sweet, but it is capable of converting sour taste to sweet taste. The property of miraculin have a great deal of potential in industry as substitutes for sugars and artificial sweeteners. Our group is developing efficient and highly productive system of miraculin by genetic engineering.